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Spax XTM log fasteners hard wood applications Spax XTM log fasteners
hard wood applications
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Our heavy duty Spax XTM structural screws are designed for the timber frame and log industry. They are designed for hard woods including oak, Douglas fir, southern yellow pine and red cedar. Applications include wood containers, railings, log furniture and a variety of wood to wood fastening functions.

Features include:

  • speed pitch thread engineered for maximum grip.
  • Six-lobe (torx style) drive takes less pressure to engage and allow for screw removal without cam out.
  • large diameter heads (0.610") engineered for maximum clamping pressure.
  • proportionally engineered to allow countersinking of head.
  • no pre-drilling - shoots thru wood with minimal effort. 
  • proprietary heat treating process consistently achieves full metalurgical value of raw material.
  • black epoxy lubricant coating exceeds FM4470 corrosion standard and withstands 30 cycles of the Kesternich DIN 500182.0 test and a 1000 hr. salt spray ASTM B117 test.
  • removes need for spikes and lag bolts.
  • manufactured in th USA.  
  • All sizes have 6.35 threads per inch.
  • one T-40 driver is included with each packing quantity.
  • average ultimate tensile strength: 4310 (lbs. per sq. inch of thread penetration)
  • average ultimate shear strength: 3750 (lbs. per sq. inch of thread penetration)

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