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Our RSS™ LPS screws supply approx. 450 lbf torque energy. The low profile washer head, made from case hardened steel, is extremely strong and provides superior hold down pressure to the panel. Easy, fast installation with no pre-drilling required and 720 lbf shear strength.

1/4 x 3" threads offer very sharp, deep rolled threads providing a fast and easy one-step installation and extreme pulling and withdrawal power. Complete and easy removal without damage to the material.  

The W-Cut thread design slices the groove for the next thread thus reducing tension and pressure and providing ease of installation. The Zip-Tip™ feature allows for quick and easy starting.  

The screws are Climatek™ coated and have been independently tested and approved for use in treated wood products. No pre-drilling of GRK products is required except where building material limitations are specified. 

Enter the exact quantity you require and we will do our best to accomodate you. Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will respond with our best price and delivery.

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