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Push-on rings and nuts use prongs or teeth that, when installed, "dig" into the circumference of a shaft or inner wall of a bore. The cost and precision needed to machine a groove is avoided. In addition, due to the prong design shaft tolerances can be much wider and less precise; therefore these rings and nuts can be used in tubes and cast parts and on plastic shafts and wood dowels. They are also adjustable and can be moved progressively to adjust tension to desired levels.

The down-side of push-on rings is that with no groove, thrust ratings are lower. Because the rings use friction to maintain force, anything that reduces friction will inhibit performance. Push-on rings in lubricated environments or on hardened shafts should be avoided. Push-on rings are commonly used in lighter-duty industries including toy, electrical components, housewares and automotive panels and are available in external sizes up to 1" and up to 2" for internal applications. The rings possess excellent design features in miniature components, thus a wide array of small sizes are available down to 3/32".