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Nord-Lock®  vibration proof American standard Nord-Lock®
vibration proof
American standard
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The Nord-Lock washer has cams or wedges on one side with a lead angle greater than a thread angle and radical teeth or ribs on the other side. The washers are installe cam face to cam face forming the unique Nord-Lock washer.
When tightening the washer to preload, the teeth penetrate and seat against the joint material and the nut and/or fastener head.
When subjected to vibration, the interacting cams create a wedge action thereby maintaining preload in the joint which prevent the fasteners from vibrating loose.
Nord-Lock washers can be used on standard as well as high grade bolts. When tightening, a 20% higher torque is used than that applied to standard flat electro-zinc plated washers.
Nord-Lock steel washers are manufactured  from C1020 low carbon steel and heat treated.
+zinc flake coated with Delta Protekt® providing 600 hours of salt spray test as per ISO 9227.   
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Please note that a much larger range of Nord-Lock®  washers are available in our metric washer section.

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